Unlocked Sony Xperia XZ

Unlocked Sony Xperia XZ

Sony's flagship 23 megapixel 5.2 inch phone

Sony has always managed to keep its customer base in the smartphone market. The main reasons for which Sony has always enjoyed continued popularity amongst smartphone enthusiasts is that it never fails to innovate. Over the years Sony has produced some of the best smartphones of their time. In this article we review Sony Xperia XZ F8332. It’s a flagship device from sony pitched to rival the likes of Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s and 7. Let’s get started and see if this flagship model from Sony is worth its price or not.

Design and Build Quality:

Sony has always favored minimalistic design. While other manufacturers have always experimented with rounded edges and different material choices, Sony has always kept it simple and elegant. Overall design is very much in sync with previous releases in the Xperia series. The build quality is solid and it gives a very premium feel in the hand.


It comes with a 5.2 inches Full HD display panel. This can be seen as a downside for some people. Most of the flagship devices today tend to have displays that support 4K resolution. But this doesn’t means that the display panel on this device is inferior in any terms. Considering the fact that on such a small device, it’s very hard to notice individual pixels unless you are holding the phone next to your eye, you won’t be able to notice any difference in a Full HD and Quad HD panel. Color representation is close to accurate and the panel is bright enough to be used in outdoor conditions.

Processor and RAM:

Sony Xperia XZ F8332 comes with a Quad Core Snapdragon 820 processor. Having a quad core processor in your device means that you will be able to multitask without any problems. It features a 3GB RAM module. The RAM on this device is a bit less as compared to other flagship devices but it is still more than enough to tackle almost any app without much of a hassle. Inbuilt memory is 64GB and you can expand it via a microSD card up to 256GB. For those people who are always running low on space, this smartphone is a perfect choice.


Sony phones have always featured high end camera modules. The Xperia XZ F8332 comes with a 21 Megapixel camera module at the back. This is by all means a very capable smartphone camera. With a F 2.0 aperture, you can be sure that you will get extremely well detailed shots even in low light conditions. For those who love to take selfies, there is a 13 Megapixel sensor in the front. Both the cameras support auto focus and face detection. You also get laser assisted focus in this device.

8.5 Total Score
A multimedia flagship!

Sony's video and audio recording are some of the best of any smartphone.

  • Great build quality.
  • Very high mega pixel camera.
  • Laser assisted autofocus and face detection.
  • Large internal memory and option to expand even more.
  • Dual Sim
  • 4K resolution not supported by the display panel.
  • Android Nougat update might not be available in some regions.
  • Glossy finish makes it a fingerprint magnet.
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