Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

The ever so popular Samsung S5 Mini

For those of you who want a flagship device in a small form factor, Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is the best choice. You can compare it with the SE version of iPhone from Apple. There is a huge demand for smartphones that are as powerful as flagship models but are not as bulky and come with a smaller screen size. Here we are going to review Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini and we will see if this mini powerhouse can withstand its competition or not.


This phone houses almost the same specs as the main S5 but in a smaller form factor. Considering the price of this phone, it falls in the mid segment of smartphones. Flagship specs and flagship quality at this price makes it a good deal overall.

Design and Build Quality:

S5 was Samsung’s top offering 3 year ago. Since then the design of smartphones has evolved and transformed a lot. Back then Samsung phones were not known for their exceptional looks. With its plastic back and dated looks, it’s not an eye catcher by any means. But this phone is not supposed to be an eye catcher, it is supposed to offer you an over all rounded experience at an affordable price point and for that reason it comes highly recommended.

Processing and Memory:

It is undoubtedly capable of smoothly running most of the android apps available on the play store. It comes with a quad core Cortex A7 processor with a GPU from Mali systems. Both the processor and the GPU are capable enough of handling most of the heavy duty workload. The processor is clocked at 1.4 Ghz. Internal memory is just 16GB but unlike iPhones, S5 Mini allows you to expand the memory by installing a microSD card. It supports up to 64GB of expandable storage.


Samsung phones have always featured high quality display panels and it’s the same case with S5 mini too. It comes with a Super AMOLED Full HD screen that makes colors pop out even in bright sunny conditions.


It comes with a removable Lithium ion battery. The fact that it has a removable battery can be a huge deal for some people. Most of the flagship smartphones these days have batteries that you cannot remove or replace but S5 Mini is an exception here.

Operating System:

This can be a downside for some people. It comes with a heavily customized Kit-Kat version of android. Samsung is well known for bundling a lot of software that can slow down the phone after prolonged usage. Even though all  of the apps available on the play store are compatible with Kit-Kat, it’s a bit difficult to hide the fact that Kit-Kat is now an outdated version of Android.

8 Total Score
A small affordable Samsung phone

Perfect phone, the size is just like the size of an iPhone 5s and the specs are great it works perfectly.

  • Smaller Form Factor.
  • Great Display.
  • 4G connectivity.
  • Expandable Storage.
  • Removable Battery.
  • Outdated Design.
  • Outdated version of Android.
  • No 4K Recording
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