Unlocked Apple iPhone 7 (US Version)

Unlocked Apple iPhone 7 (US Version)

The original iPhone 7

In almost every aspect the iPhone 7 is a highly unusual device. It marks a break from the conventional hardware but it latches on to the traditional design philosophy of Apple. Except the exterior of the phone, we can safely say that iPhone 7 is nothing less than futuristic. New and improved processors, more RAM, better GPU, slimmer profile and a dual lens camera setup are some of the major highlights of iPhone 7. In this article we review iPhone 7 and we will see how it fares up to its rivals.


The biggest change design wise is the new home button. To be precise it’s not a home button at all. The button actually has been replaced with a haptic vibration motor. It means that now instead of a button there are pressure sensors that sense the pressure of your finger and trigger the motor to imitate the action of a button press. It sounds cool and futuristic and it actually is way ahead of its time. Other than this, the overall design is very much similar to its predecessors. But this time Apple has made iPhone 7 water resistant. Don’t confuse it with water proofing. iPhone 7 can stay submerged under a meter of water for about half an hour but after that things can take an unpleasant turn.


The new display on iPhone 7 is a huge improvement when compared to to the display panel on the iPhone 6. Even though it’s still the retina display, it can exhibit a wider range of colors as compared to previous iPhones. Most of the app developers have already taken advantage of this new capability and have also announced updates. You will notice the difference mostly while watching videos and images clicked from its camera.


iPhone 7 features a 12 Megapixel dual lens camera setup. The two lenses work together to produce a better image in terms of quality and sharpness. This two lens feature also gives you the facility of optical zoom. This advanced camera setup is complemented with a Quad LED true tone flash. This flashlight works great when you need to take true to life images under low light conditions.


iPhone 7 packs the most advanced processor from Apple i.e. the A10 Fusion chip. It is a quad core CPU and Apple has used it intelligently in the device. Two cores of the CPU handle heavy duty tasks such as 4K video recording and gaming, while the remaining two focus on less intensive tasks such as texting and notifications. This intelligent division of workload makes iPhone 7 the fastest iPhone ever produced.

No headphone jack:

The decision to remove the headphone jack has become somewhat controversial. But if we take a closer look at the matter then we find that apple is pushing us towards a truly wireless future. The new earpods work really well and connect seamlessly with the iPhone 7. You might find it a bit weird that there is no headphone jack but once you try the new earpods you will be convinced of the far sightedness that apple has shown with this decision.

9.5 Total Score
Definitely compares to its rivals

The iPhone 7 is all an out great flagship phone.

  • Faster processor.
  • Great camera.
  • Haptic motor in place of home button.
  • Quad LED true tone flash.
  • Expensive.
  • No headphone jack.
  • Unchanged design language.
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