Unlocked Apple iPhone 6s (International Version)

Unlocked Apple iPhone 6s (International Version)

The famous iPhone 6s

In a few weeks Apple will launch its latest flagship device i.e. iPhone 8. With the release date fast approaching, a lot of people are asking if the older models are still relevant and what would they lose if they purchased one of the older models instead of waiting for the new release. In this article we will review iPhone 6S and through our detailed review we will try to see if it’s still relevant today as a flagship device.


A new unlocked iPhone 8 will cost almost double the price of an iPhone 6S. So looking from this perspective, if you are someone who is trying to save a few bucks then iPhone 6S can be considered as a good choice. On the other hand if money is not an issue then may be you should hold on a little longer and wait for the launch of iPhone 8.


As we already know that all mid term upgrades i.e. models with “S” as suffix, look exactly like their immediate predecessors. iPhone 6S is no exception here. It looks and feels exactly the same as an iPhone 6. There are a few upgrades but the overall design and aesthetics remain unchanged.


iPhone 6S has a good display but we won’t call it the greatest display. Consider the example of OLED panels from Samsung and LG, those display panels are in a league of their own and iPhone 6S certainly cannot compete with them. That being said, iPhone 6S still has a good display. Keep in mind that it’s an LCD panel. But there is something that makes the display panel on this device stand out in contrast to other flagship models available today. The display panel on iPhone 6s supports 3D touch. If you are someone who has never used this feature before then you will certainly like it a lot. In simple words, this technology senses how hard you push on the screen and on the basis of that it gives you different options that you can select on the screen.


iPhones are well known for their exceptional camera quality. A skilled photographer can easily produce professional looking shots from an iPhone 6S’s camera. Apple has upgraded the camera in this model. It now comes with a 12 megapixel camera at the back. While the megapixel bump is a welcome change, the same cannot be said about the other apparatus of the camera. The f/2.2 aperture is same as was in the previous model and that means that low light photographs would look essentially the same as they looked on an iPhone 6.


Overall the performance is rock solid but there are a few things that we would like to point out. First of all there is no hardware for optical image stabilization. It means that image stabilization is achieved through software and to be honest it’s not that great. iPhone 6S comes installed with iOS 9. iPhone 6S runs iOS 9 seamlessly. There are no hiccups, no delays and no lagging for most of the normal usage.

9 Total Score
A great upgrade from the iPhone 6

The iPhone 6s is really better and faster than the iPhone 6. Check this one out and be sure to take a look at 3D touch.

  • 3D Touch
  • Better and faster processor as compared to the previous release.
  • 12 Mega Pixel camera.
  • Camera aperture remains the same as in the iPhone 6.
  • An update might not be available for iOS in some regions.
  • Better display available from other brands.
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