Unlocked Apple iPhone 5s

Unlocked Apple iPhone 5s

Still a great choice for a budget iPhone

Apple iPhone 5s is a legend in its own right. It is perhaps the most popular and the most successful model in the entire line up of iPhones. Back in 2013 when it was released for the first time, it was way ahead of its competition. It was the ultimate flagship smartphone that money can buy. Today we have better and faster iPhones available in the market but the iPhone 5s has not lost its grace and simplicity for which it was so well known. In this article we will review iPhone 5s and see if it still makes sense to buy this smartphone today when there are so many different options available. So let’s get started see if this smartphone still holds its ground today.


Perhaps the most iconic design ever, iPhone 5s was a game changer. Nothing came close to this marvel in the smartphone segment with 4 inch displays. It was so much in demand that Apple even released a Special Edition version of this smartphone with updated specs. This phone is compact, sleek and slim. It is also the first ever smartphone to feature a touch ID fingerprint scanner. If you like smartphones that fit easily in your jeans then iPhone 5s might turn out to be a good option even today.


The first ever iPhone to feature a 64 bit processor, this phone was blazingly fast for its day and age. Agreed that today you can find faster smartphones, but it still holds its ground today. If you are someone who is more of a casual smart phone user then you won’t have any problems whatsoever in the performance department. For those who like to game heavily on their smartphones, it might not be enough. In simple words, it works well up to an extent. For casual user, this is a relevant choice. Also consider the fact that you can purchase this device for $224.95, fully unlocked GSM version, on Amazon today. Its current price puts it in the mid range segment and there’s where it shines. As a mid range smartphone, it is still one of the best options available.


For its day and age, it had an excellent camera. From today’s standards, we would not say that it’s the ultimate camera, but in the mid range segment it’s still a camera with acceptable quality. You also get a dual LED flash on the back so clicking images under low light conditions was never a problem with this device. It even records videos in slow motion. If your expectations are reasonable then the camera on iPhone 5s still makes sense for a mid range smartphone.


A major factor that makes this phone still relevant is the fact that iOS 10 upgrade is available for this device. As you might already know, iOS 10 has been praised all over the world for its excellent features. If you are someone who wants the functionality of iOS 10 without spending a fortune then this is the best choice for you.

9 Total Score
Still a rock solid investment in modern times

The iPhone 5s is still a great phone even in 2017

  • Low cost iPhone.
  • 64 Bit processor.
  • iOS 10 update available.
  • Small form factor.
  • No longer the latest iPhone.
  • Average camera by today's standards.
  • Not that great battery life.
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