Factory Unlocked Apple iPhone 7 Plus Red Smartphone

Factory Unlocked Apple iPhone 7 Smartphone

The factory unlocked Apple iPhone 7

Apple has released a new variant of its iPhone 7 Plus. Well technically it’s not a new variant but a new colour as rest of the specs remain unchanged. Think of it as a special edition phone with added eye candy and style appeal. iPhones have always scored big when it comes to style appeal but the new colour makes it a bit more special. We will talk about this new colour in detail and we will try to find out if it would be a good idea to spend a small fortune just because you like the new colour so much.

Design and Color:

Design wise there is no change at all, zero deviation from the original iPhone 7 Plus. It’s the same phablet size, same bezels on the top and bottom, same fingerprint sensor location, basically everything is the same except the color. Now lets talk about this color thats creating such a huge hype. It comes in a mouth watering eye candy red color. Its redder than a Ferrari. It looks absolutely spectacular and it’s guaranteed to make some heads turn. The bottom line is – This phone is an attention grabber. If you like the color then by all means you can go ahead and buy it. On the other hand if color and styling are not your thing then you should hold on a bit longer and wait for the iPhone 8 release.


You will have a tough time finding someone who regularly uses an iPhone and complains about its performance. iPhones are one the best performing smartphones in their respective segments. They perform so well because of the exceptional integration of the hardware and software. Since both hardware and software are designed in house by Apple, there are virtually zero performance issues. Sometimes things do get a bit sloppy because of bad updates but over all there is nothing to worry about when it comes to performance. iPhone 7 Plus comes with the latest and greatest A10 Fusion processor that makes this phone blazing fast.


iPhones are well known as game changers when it comes to the camera quality. Right from the very first iPhone, the camera quality has always been a step ahead of its competition. You will be pleased to know that besides looking gorgeous, this phone also captures some exceptionally great shots. It houses a dual camera setup that provides for the functionality of optical zoom. What this means is that you can zoom in without losing any image quality at all. It also allows the focus to be changed after the image has been clicked. Video recording is great too. 4K recording looks life like on iPhone 7 Plus. If you are someone who is fond of taking pictures and recording videos on the move then you will not be disappointed. Right now it is one of the best smartphone camera available in the market.

9.5 Total Score
A great way to help a greater cause

Brings us one step closer to an AIDS-Free Generation.

  • Red color looks amazing.
  • Great camera with optical zoom.
  • Super fast A10 Processor.
  • iOS 10 works great.
  • Large size might not suit some people.
  • Same retina display as was in the previous models.
  • Costs a small fortune.
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